Hey there, 

I’m Amanda the director, owner and florist of Rocket and Rose Studio. My home studio is located in Ormeau on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.

I’m a dedicated wife to my hubby Luke and we have a beautiful daughter Ally who is my little love and miracle. 

From a young age I fell in love with flowers and dreamed of being a florist and finally made my way into the industry while I was going through IVF. Best decision I ever made and it also helped me take my mind off trying to conceive. I worked in the industry for many years at The Lush Lily in Brisbane but all I honestly wanted was my own small business that was flexible. 

As most would know I am have been a florist for over 12 years and I was also concrete homewares artisan.

My concrete products were sold in my online store and through stockists over the years as Ally grew up but I sold that business in 2019 and went back to my true love flowers. 

I choose to specialise in Everlasting dried and preserved florals for their incredible textures, colours and they are so sustainable that they can last for years. I love how much florals can lift a mood, change a space and create something truly magical.

My passion for designing bespoke custom florals has created a wonderful client base that continue to come back time and time again.

I am a huge advocate for explant of silicone implants. Sacks of poison they are and not suitable to be in our beautiful bodies.

I explanted with a full enbloc in August of 2021 due to suffering long term effects of breast implant illness. #bii
I’m healing my body slowly but surely. I’m so grateful to be here still. #explantwarrior

Thank you for reading and I hope I can create something for you too. 

Amanda xx