About RR Studio

Hi lovely people,

I’m Amanda the maker and owner of Rocket and Rose Studio.

Rocket and Rose was established in December 2015, whilst I was on maternity leave from my much loved florist job. Always a plant and flower lover from an early age thanks to my Mum. It was evident I would end up doing something creative. 

I have truly been on a creative journey over the last few years. As most of you would know I am a florist and I was a concrete artisan. My products were sold in my online store and through stockists over the last 4 years. But unfortunately due to a bad neck injury I had to sadly sell my concrete business and all my molds in mid 2019.

Feeling a bit lost I decided to venture into the world of clay and go back to my other love.. flowers! I chose to specialise in Everlasting dried flowers. Hoping I would be able to continue to create pretty things, without so much pressure on my poor neck...So far so good, my neck is manageable using clay and designing dried and preserved florals. I’m back to working with flowers...Which I missed incredibly.

I’m currently busy creating small batch ceramic vases for my dried flower creations, to vessels and even small trays. I must admit I’m practicing everyday and experimenting like crazy. Clay is certainly a lot different from working with concrete for so long.

The amazing thing I love about working with clay is that I can simply create a new design by hand at any time. No need for silicone molds or form. Which I honestly feel in a way restricted me while making concrete products. Working with clay is so freeing. I absolutely love it. 

I’m currently enjoying the change of pace and I can’t wait to learn more. My lovely mentor Jo Norton from Currumbin on the Gold Coast has been helping and teaching me along the way.

I hope you enjoy my current work and thanks for following along on my Creative Journey.

Amanda xx